Why send your bumper to a landfill when we can quickly repair the damage instead?

Our bumper repair service helps you save money by offering skilled car bumper repairs at half the cost of dealerships. We repair torn, dented, scuffed and scratched bumpers with bumper replacement available for those beyond repair.

Dented, dinged and scratched vehicles are eye sores. A dented and dinged hood, roof, tailgate or door commands your attention every time you look at your car. Dent and ding repairs do not necessarily mean dropping your car off at an auto body shop for several days.

It’s as easy as 1,2,3!

1. Contact us for a Free Estimate!

2. After a close inspection of the extent of the damages to your bumper we will give you choices to determine the best possible route to repair your bumper.   Ensuring your bumper repair will come out looking like new while saving your time and money.


3. After choosing a plan of action for your bumper repair simply let us go to work for you! Let us pick you up or drop you off at the shop to drive away with your vehicle looking like new!


At Accident Pros we can fix your dented, dinged or scratched car onsite with a single visit from their technician too. Give us a call today and for a Free Estimate and find out what services are available for your type of repair.