Free Estimates

At Accident Pros we always provide free estimates at our conveniently located shop in Miramar or we can come to you if your car is not drivable.

Auto Body Repair

What to Expect

We’ll create a written estimate of what’s recommended to complete the repair, and we will offer you the choice of using factory original parts or aftermarket options.

Ding and Dent Repair

Remove dents from your vehicle with the help of Accident Pros. Using a proven technique, we massage dents out from the inside panel while maintaining a factory finish with no painting or fillers necessary.

Headlight Restoration

Over time, sunlight (UV rays), harsh chemicals, road debris, smog, acid rain and other hazards can leave plastic headlights looking yellow, dull, cloudy and hazy. Not only does this look bad, it reduces the effectiveness of your headlights and creates hazardous driving conditions at night. Not to mention reducing the value of your car. We want you to know that you do not have to deal with these cloudy, yellow headlight lenses which pose serious safety issues, and you do not have to purchase expensive replacement headlights which can cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars. At Accident Pros, headlight restoration is affordable and long lasting.

We have perfected the process of headlight restoration to revitalize your car’s headlights, restoring them to 95% clarity, almost like brand new. Our process DOES NOT involve simply painting a clear coat film on the lens as some companies use. And we do the work for you! There are many companies selling lens cleaning products and do-it-yourself lens restoration kits, but in our years of ongoing research we have yet to find any that even come close to our process.

Bumper Repair

Why send your bumper to a landfill when we can quickly repair the damage instead?

Our bumper repair service helps you save money by offering skilled car bumper repairs at half the cost of dealerships.

Paint Scratch Repair

At Accident Pros we can repair minor blemishes to a complete paint job, we are able to repair rock chips, key scratches, light surface scratches, peeling paint and rusting paint plus much more! We use only the best paint and material for your car to ensure your car has the best paint job possible and to maintain your vehicle value. Using a low-quality paint devalue your vehicle value over time thus will not hold up over time. At Accident Pros, you can feel confident that your vehicle will be restored to pre-accident condition and all our work comes with a “written lifetime warranty.”

Auto Painting

Accident Pros provides quality auto paint touch-ups and paintwork restoration at low prices.Paintwork restoration has to be seen to be believed. Most people are amazed at how we can take even the most faded dull or scratched paintwork and make it look like new. Over the next few pages we will show you in photos just what can be achieved with our range of techniques. The most common problem we see on paintwork is swirl marks. These are fine scratches which cover large areas of the car, catching the light and looking like brightly lit cobwebs. This is often caused by car washes. We also see a lot of deeper scratches, often where people have placed objects on the tailgate or where branches have scraped down the sides of the car. There may also be acid etching from bird droppings.

Rim Repair

At Accident Pros, we are San Diego’s most trusted bumper and collision repair shop. Specializing in medium to complete bumper and auto body repairs. With over 25 years auto body and collision experience

Auto Detailing

Accident pros can handle all types of auto body repairs from minor auto body repairs to full complete collision repair. Our auto body repair process starts with inspecting the vehicle to make sure we there is no hidden damage from whats is only visible to the naked eye. At accident pros we specialize in repairing parts and reconditioning back to like new condition if we feel the parts are repairable. That only not saves the customer money but keep the parts original as well. When parts are beyond repair there are three choices when picking parts.